We are offering consulting services on outsourcing in CEE, simplifying access to solutions and providers.

Outsourcing Consultancy - Software Engineering & Managed Services

You want to start outsourcing in Romania, you want to scale up your existing operations here, or just make sure you’re getting the best out of your existing deal. Or maybe Romania is just one of your options and you’re looking for trusted information and analysis that you can use to compare. Or, you’ve been working with a partner here and are now thinking about going on your own and starting your own delivery centre in Romania.

We will match your business needs with a realistic assessment of what the local market can provide, at the complexity and price points that are best suited for you. We will assist you in planning and execution, helping you identify solutions and providers and sitting next to you in all phases of your business transformation and representing you throughout the whole outsourcing process in the relationship with the suppliers.

Our Approach and Services Offer

  • Overview of local markets with realistic assessment of what’s possible and recommended for your needs
  • You know your business, and we know the local market and the players. We will design a technology partner selection process that fits your needs and is custom made for you to get the best out of local conditions
  • We can consult you along this process, interviewing technology providers, negotiating for you, comparing and analysing, making sure you get the best deal for the best price
  • Post deal, we can consult for you in a local account manager capability, representing your interests with the technology provider and ensuring your teams here get the best possible start and support
  • In everything we do, we will be there beside you, advise on the particularities of the local market, form a business, tech and cultural point of view
  • We work with operations small and large and we will adapt our recommendations accordingly. We don’t only intimately know the big players, we can also recommend smaller, niche but very competent outsourcing companies here that might just be the right partner for you.

What Recommends Us

  • Our personal experience in setting up and scaling outsourcing operations in Romania and a detailed, direct knowledge of the local markets that goes way beyond helicopter level industry reports.
  • We know what talent you can get here, how, what’s easy and what’s difficult, what works and what not in the local market and culture, and what you need to do to be successful, beyond general best practices 
  • We offer a unique mix of international exposure and detailed local knowledge.

Our Approach and Service Offer

  • Assess IT infrastructure, business applications and internal support services qualifying the opportunities to outsource
  • Assist in strategy planning and financial management and prepare prior to outsourcing (service catalogue, service levels, capacity, availability, continuity etc.) in line with business requirements and objectives
  • Help qualifying needs, consult on building RFPs, selecting suppliers and negotiating service levels and fees
  • Review existing suppliers’ performance and recommend improvements or approach shifting
  • Consult during service transition and acceptance until model is mature and operates at expected level, representing clients in relationship with service providers, act as account managers for you, representing your interests.

What Recommends Us

  • Our personal experience managing outsourcing projects and service transitions from planning to execution, for large and complex operations.
  • Our presence in Romania facilitates access to various service providers offering outsourcing services. We have deep understanding of the local culture, strengths and weaknesses as well as capabilities, performance and pricing of the local IT outsourcing local providers which allows us to represent our clients best.
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